People are quick to blame cheap stuff on the internet for killing the retail stores but where would they be without it? Fry. I did get a knock-off JYE-Tech kit from Simcoe, though, but everything else I got from them has been okay. I used to go into TO to do the rounds of all the decent stores, but since those have dwindled down to basically just this place I havent made a special trip. Necessity, poverty, eco-friendliness, thriftiness, all yes. You absolutely wont regret it. SF does fill a pretty different need than Gateway2000/Fizells/JBSaunders used to; I miss being able to get an ADC locally. In August 2014, Fry's Electronics operated 34 brick-and-mortar stores in 9 U.S. states: California (17),[19] Texas (8), Arizona (2), Georgia (2), and one each in Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.[20]. Fry's Electronics, the decades-old superstore chain with locations in nine American states, has gone defunct. I have known few store owners who were millionaires, unless you considered the value of their building to be cash which isnt the case. Fry's Electronics Inc. said its operations have ceased and the wind-down of locations will begin immediately. Of the chain's 34 stores, 30 of them closed on February 24, 2021. (but Ive got Abts headquarters showroom practically around the corner). Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the family-owned business had been pushed to the brink of extinction by online retailers like Amazon, Newegg and more. I might like to visit while thats still an option. And then the world changed in ways that were favorable for their business models, and their way of doing things eventually won. [53][54], Fry's Electronics aggressively tried to defend its trademark and domain names. Fail. The old school distributors really didnt like to sell to individuals. You-Do-It definitely is: I drove past a few weeks back and they were open. The san Jose location was the largest of the four locations that i would shop at. [12] The original Sunnyvale store (located near the intersection of Oakmead Parkway and Lakeside Drive[13]) stocked numerous high-tech supplies such as integrated circuits, test and measurement equipment, and computer components, as well as software and various other types of consumer electronics. Its filthy but full of cool electronic, mechanical, and miscellaneous surplus stuffand some occasional garbage. Wed go to Frys just to stare at it it felt like SUCH an an incredible achievement. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . Again, no discernible retail outlet. I feel like Central Computers is the last bastion. Its like a project idea factory. The Anaheim Frys closed last March. In a followup video I visit another Fry's retail location. Stuff hasnt been restocked for a while, but it looks like the business has changed hands and is being revived. I was a teenager and still in High School back in the late 90s when i first heard about these magical stores. My business is now bankrupt. [36], In 2008, Fry's vice president of merchandising and operations, Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, was charged by federal prosecutors in a kickback scheme involving Fry's vendors, fueling sales with mail-in rebates. But they do have some overlap; they are all places where hobbyists might obtain electronic components. Each of the three Sunnyvale store locations was located within 1mi (1.6km) of the others.[13]. Web site is . Closed on Sunday and Monday. Their surplus section has dwindled but you can still find interesting things. I used to live in a small town. San Jose, Fremont, Concord, Campbell,. Sooner than we think, Im sure. Report an issue or PM me. Fry's Electronics at the heart of Silicon Valley April, 2000 in Sunnyvale, CA. Totally agree. The store billed itself as "The One-Stop Shop for the Silicon Valley Professional", as one could buy both electronics and groceries (computer chips and potato chips) at the same time. [41], In September 2012, Fry's Electronics agreed to pay $2.3 million, and to implement preventive measures, to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation[42] lawsuit brought by the U.S. Even though the San Marcos (CA) store was 20 minutes away, I only went in there three times since moving to the area in 2017. This page was last edited on 30 April 2023, at 22:49. I picked up at Sparkfun a few years ago and in addition to my purchase they gave me a free copy of Nuts & Volts. As far as millionaires, I am not sure what you are talking about there. Radio shack is still alive as mail order. They began offering low-cost Internet access in 2000 through their original Web address "". Fry's Electronics was an American big-box store chain. I made a tradition to go back every time I made it up that way. In addition, giant ants (from the movie Them!) The company cited "changes in the retail industry. Literally the same thing (and worse) as funding what the germans were doing in WWII. [33][34], On Black Friday 2007, customers at the Renton, Washington location complained that Fry's employees were offering to let people cut in front of a long line for a fee. You-Do-It Electronics in Needham, MA and Electronics Plus in Littleton, MA! By 2019, what used to be a paradise of gadgets, computers, components, video games, audio equipment and appliances had turned into ghost warehouses filled with empty shelves. made with genuine ax-man parts is a badge of honor sticker. I live in an area that has very little to offer now that R.S. Thy even have two working RCA tube test machines, mostly used by musicians and boat anchor ham radio owners. TVs & Video (69) Mobile Devices (80) . If anyone knows of others, Id love to know, but my workshop has more and better selection of parts than Frys ever did. It was headquartered in San Jose, California in Silicon Valley.Fry's retailed software, consumer electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, tools, toys, accessories, magazines, technical books, snack foods, electronic components, and computer hardware. Were probably talking about a hobby when we talk about buying small part quantities online. Fond memories of browsing the cramped spaces of Al Lashers in Berkeley, California. I live in San Jose California and would shop at the San Jose (Mayan temple) Campbell (ancient Egypt) and Fremont (1893 Worlds Fair) Palo Alto (Wild West) themed stores. They did this with many, many items. By that time the inventory and selection at Frys began dwindling. RIP active! Through the '00s, cashflow across the privately held Fry's chain was apparently solid enough to survive a devastating internal meltdown: theft of over $65 million from the company's coffers by its then-vice president. That is really disappointing to hear, their new PC stuff was often chintzy or pricey but they had stuff not available elsewhere locally. If you have a few hours free, its worth wandering around there. After complaints in the media, Fry's management offered anyone who paid the fee their money back. Found them online over a decade ago, possibly as long as two. Any electronics store with a cafe/coffee shop at its centre where I could happily spend many hours browsing and purchasing Leathermans and Maglites for 1/4 of their price back home I had to be sensible with weight in the suitcase was something Ill miss. [29][30][31][32], In 2003, actors Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sued Fry's for $10 million each for posting their images on television sets on their print ads and flyers without permission. Thank you [Ryan], [John], and [Jack] for tipping us off. They were doing some classes on electronics before covid. Minimum 25 minute drive for me to reach the closest one. I always prefer supporting my local stores over the internet market place to keep these local stores in business. That location really could have used a giant squid crashing a UFO into a volcano or something. Weve been conned by the (pick your online purveyor of cheap goods) $1.99 including free shipping from the other side of the planet. No Microcenters within hundreds of miles of me. I didnt stop. Many suppliers werent. Signs of the retailers growing challenges were seen back in 2019 when the company began shifting toward a consignment model in an attempt to cut overhead and liability. Most store designs are theme oriented and theme. Electronics Goldmine is another one that I mail-order from often. Historically, Circuit City and CompUSA were major competitors in the computer space, but they collapsed during the late-2000s recession, leaving Microcenter and Newegg as Fry's main competitors. Dont get me wrong, I understand that local stores serving local areas have a lot more overhead than a big warehouse serving the world but there are still limits of what is reasonable. The component selection at the College Home Hardware isnt as broad as Id like, and most parts dont appear to be re-stocked anymore but theres something about shopping for components in an area in the basement, through a hole in the wall that makes it more fun. Sometimes their staff know their stuff, sometimes they dont speak English / French well. Corporate cards are now the norm; nobody bothers to open a net-30 distributor account unless they are ordering parts for volume production. Another favourite mail order place is BG Micro Electronics. I ended up buying the same hub or modem (thats how long ago) several times until I kept better track of serial numbers. The exterior was painted to mimic a huge DIP integrated circuit, and the door handles imitated the ENTER and ESC keys on a computer keyboard; since 2005, this store has housed a Sports Basement store (which still bore some of the door-handle keys until sometime between 2009 and 2013). Last time I was in no Arduino, no Pi, very little left of the vintage gaming gear . [15] Most components from most OEMs, were available for purchase, to assemble a desktop computer, la carte. Great prices doesnt hold up without product. As a visitor from the U.K. to BlackHat & DefCon in Las Vegas back in the early 2010s, a trip (or two, possibly more) down to Frys at the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard was an amazing experience. It was a beige box with some pictures of Downers Grove pioneers. For Ohio, may I suggest: Over the years, weve lost Radio Shack, Toys R Us, The Sharper Image and Brookstone, the Bose stores, Circuit City, the Microsoft Store and more. Pricey thats the key its consumers like us that have driven this stae of affairs. The web site has a useful price list for concise shopping. It's my understanding the location in Vegas is having a liquidation sale on Black Friday. Hours at first were theoretically 9-5 right, so one day I manage to get down there about 5 after 9.. not open yet.. hang around a bit, staring in windows at the rest of the plaza, 9:25, still no sign of life.. and I had an appointment, so Im gone.. okay, another day a wednesday, arrive at 3pm hours have changed now only open until 2pm weds.. ok whatever.. maybe a month passes.. see their ad in local rag Now open Saturdays great, thats a lot easier, 9-1pm, so this Sat is not good, next Saturday then, arrive around 11am Sorry, Family Emergency on the door, seriously?? The second place for will-call or mail order is Alltronics, very near Anchor in Santa Clara. Erie had Warren Radio a couple of decades back. As of November 2020, 31.1% of all small businesses have been put out of business permanently. [44] The company later bought e-commerce site Cyberian Outpost in November 2001, and started online sales with a different URL (,[45] which confused customers who did not associate the online name with the brick-and-mortar store. Not what it used to be a couple of years ago. 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If you buy car parts online or at the big box store instead of from the locally owned long-standing parts company, you are contributing to the demise of that local company and likely many of the families associated with it (i.e. Fry's Electronics Has Gone Out Of Business, Closing All Stores Nationwide February 24, 2021 / 7:39 AM / CBS Texas NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM/CNN) It was a move that happened suddenly,. After I left the military and I went on business trips to Cali I would always go out of my way to visit every Frys I could. If you do not want us and our partners to use cookies and personal data for these additional purposes, click 'Reject all'. I would say greed might be on the side of a local retailer who thinks huge markups are ok due to monopoly like local markets. @Chris. I personally began shopping more online and by 2019 i stopped going to Frys completely. That Palo Alto store which closed? Im in the boondocks, and so am pretty limited to mail order. Sacramento freelance journalist Matthew Keys followed these posts by citing an unnamed sourcesomeone who had worked at Fry's up until "this week"who claimed that the electronics chain would make a formal announcement "this week" about closing all of its stores and liquidating any remaining assets. The burritos were great, but they only lasted a couple months. Doing PC support in the 90s was bizarre; Id buy a hub for a job. Murphys Surplus in San Diego / El Cajon is amazing! Sad to see. (Comment Policy). The San Francisco-based chain is closing all of its 31 stores, according to local broadcaster KRON4. Robot. After nearly 36 years in business as the one-stop-shop and online resource for high-tech professionals across nine states and 31 stores, Frys Electronics, Inc. (Frys or Company), has made the difficult decision to shut down its operations and close its business permanently as a result of changes in the retail industry and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. They definitely lost their way. Luckily we still have Orvac electronics. Electronics from Staples. Said as Id love to support local businesses and a bit quicker turn-around when all your need is this one part to finish off a project. Could those maker oases survived by themselves? Im clearly missing something in its comparison to a retail electronics outlet Frys. Yah, I like ordering from there too actually need a sealed lead acid I should check them out for I didnt realise they had a physical store until a few months ago when mentioned on here derp. Because Fry's stores were enormous, stocking a wide range of each product category, they were popular with electronics and computer hobbyists and professionals. On my first visit to their original Sunnyvale store in the 80s I felt like Id landed in Nirvana. Janice, Lawrence, and John are always a big help. Living in the Eastern US, I wasnt near one but went whenever I could visited the Downers Grove, IL store around Christmas 2019. for awhile. Then I think they stopped shipping to Canada altogether, or the online site just sucked so bad I never returned. As the chain expanded to more stores throughout the US, particularly in taking over multiple defunct Incredible Universe locations, Fry's rode the build-your-own boom of personal computing. Frys was great if you needed something Right Now; Mouser has better prices and selection, though you have to buy enough to overcome the cost of shipping. I built many PC computers with Frys purchased components for my family and friends at incredibbly low prices compared to prebuilt PCs. It was frequently not a smooth experience. [9][14] At first, roughly half the store was stocked with groceries, including fresh produce, but the groceries section quickly diminished to displays of soft drinks and snack foods. 2023 Vox Media, LLC. [7] He gave a portion of the proceeds, around $1 million, to each of his sons, John (who had worked as the IT manager for the supermarket chain), W. Randolph (who goes by the nickname "Randy"), and David, none of whom had much interest in grocery store retailing. As good as sparkfun and adafruit are it was nice to have someplace where I could run over to buy a switch or a resistor on a Saturday. If a store isnt open past 5 or on weekends they are doing well enough without me considering the luxury hours, A few years ago, store opened up that I wanted to like had the right stuff on the sign, peering through the windows looked intriguing. Mouser as in the electronics parts house located in Texas? I took tons of pictures for my kids and really hoped I would be able to show them at least one eventually. Frys and Mouser (along with Mousers counterpart Digi-Key, which started around the same time) are in very different businesses. In Montreal, theres Abra Electronics. They had a quirky and unusual inventory at times, and they were the best place to get electronic components in-person. In 2001, it threatened to sue Garret Maki[55][56] for scanning and posting the company's print ads on the Web using the domain Coincidentally enough, while driving near a Frys on Sunday I commented that I should go in there and buy some components to help keep them going. 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