“Learn Greek… the Green way”.

Our philosophy

As the 'Greek and Green' family, we aim at teaching the Greek language to students of all levels while engaging with environmentally friendly activities. Nurturing the learners' creativity and awareness for a zero waste take on their learning, is how we innovate. By bridging the digital world of your e-learning with a repertoire of outdoor, hands-on experiences, you are now able to learn joyfully & unforgettably. Welcome Friends!

From the great outdoors,
to you online

3 reasons why you should start learning with us

Take action for a greener planet through learning Greek: we will empower you with impactful tips to live more sustainably.

Maximise your learning potential with our experience-based curriculum approach, "learn by doing"!

Connect broadly with people from our international community at our events and set up your own 'Greek coffee conversations groups'.

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Christmas Fair

Are you a book enthusiast? Have you found an inspiring book in Greek which changed your journey of learning the language?
Then we want to hear from you! We are organizing a Christmas Book Fair – a book swap among our community members.

Leave your details below and we will contact you soon!