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If you enjoy the way we teach and want to level up your Greek, either you are self-taught, studying at a group class, or an 1-on-1 course, then take the next step by becoming our member. The membership we offer is a way, for us, to follow up more closely on your learning journey and make sure that it is growing sufficiently while providing you a vast range of real-context based course material. Not only can you advance your accent, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing skills through our exclusive blog posts, events, and exclusive community interaction, but you can now also attend our exciting Language EcoTourism courses. We lead the way of Education Innovation, by offering the first climate-ready curriculum of Greek as a Foreign or Second Language in Greece, and we want to welcome you on board. Becoming our member today enables us to develop this more personal relationship with you, and turn your language learning into a lifetime experience. Join us!



This option allows you to read special blog posts from our site, that are specifically designed for learners of Greek. Also, you get a 50% discount on all the G&G events.

Purchasing the basic membership provides you with a Greek and Green "SEED", meaning that this is your first but decisive step towards entering the world of the Greek language. We recommend our "Seed" as a membership for those who have a limited amount of time during their week but want to keep in touch with the Greek reality and language in a fun and entertaining way.


This option includes blog posts and a 50% discount on all our events but also adds the ‘workshop’ feature! The added value of the workshops is that you can participate in thematic group discussions where you can practice your oral skills and get some study materials. With the standard membership, you get 2 hours of the workshops of your preference per month. Purchasing the standard membership provides you with a Greek and Green "SPROUT", meaning that from now on your learning is growing sufficiently. Not only can you advance your reading & writing skills through our specific blog posts, but you can now also practise speaking and listening, namely real-context communication in Greek. This option is recommended for people who want the presence of a tutor in their own journey of language acquisition. The educator’s role is to support students in speaking and most important to inspire them with enticing thematic workshops.


Purchasing our premium membership gives you a full package of workshops per month, in addition to all the previous benefits. You will still have access to the exclusive blog posts, will enjoy the benefit of the 50% discount to all our events but what is more, you will be participating in 4 full hours of workshops per month.

As a premium member, we want your warm energy to meet ours in order to decide together: participate in our premium polls, let us know what your favourite themes are, and what parts of the Greek language and culture you would be most thrilled to explore together. As a premium member, you have the last word for each workshop!

The premium package is our ‘TREE’, meaning that as a learner of Greek you have grown to an extent of bearing your fruits now. This option is ideal for those of you who want to learn Greek and practice their skills on a regular basis. Either you are self-taught or getting lessons, we recommend this membership as nourishing support to your learning journey. If you have never attended any formal foreign language class, we will have you covered with the regular homework, experiential activities and loads of educational games we prepare for you.
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