Our Story

University of Aberdeen

The idea of teaching Greek as a foreign or second language in an experiential, entertaining and effective way, was conceived back in 2015 at the University of Aberdeen. 

There, I designed and taught several experiential-based programmes for adults in collaboration with the Scottish Hellenic Society.

Greek Briki

“Greek Briki” was the first community blog and served as a symbol to accommodate our online, get-together classes. Students and tutors enjoyed a cup of coffee while discussing interesting topics from the news, the history or students’ own interests.

Students worldwide

Within the first year of its online presence, the blog site had over a thousand visitors benefiting from the posts. Each post included a photo I would take for the purpose of the lesson, daily use of vocabulary in Greek, its pronunciation and translation in English, and homework.

A different blog

But the most important characteristic was that this was a blog that invited any member to create a post, sharing a story, a painting, a photograph, an experience! Cultivating a culture of empowering the learners to create, was something I paid particular attention to.


Greek.and.Green has been a registered start-up since June 2021. Our office is located in the area of Chalkidiki in Northern Greece. 

What and How

The transition from GreekBriki to Greek.and.Green was gradual and organic. When thousand of followers show their love to a Greek educational project, the responsibilities change scale. It is not a matter of what you teach any more; it is also a matter how. Online education often forgets that we, humans, have bodies too. What do we do with them and where is this era going to take us?

The future...

We dream of a future where, while you are excelling the Greek language, you contribute to greening Greece! Plenty of experiential activities will be able to be accommodated in our own workspace – an alternative school we want to build with our own hands and your help.

If you want to express your interest, please get in touch! 

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Christmas Fair

Are you a book enthusiast? Have you found an inspiring book in Greek which changed your journey of learning the language?
Then we want to hear from you! We are organizing a Christmas Book Fair – a book swap among our community members.

Leave your details below and we will contact you soon!